South Shore Yacht Club Summer Hibachi Series Start in June 2022


The SSYC Summer Hibachi Raceing Series begins on the first Wednesday in June (subject to coronovirus restrictions) and continues every Wednesday through the month of August. The series features a different race course every Wednesday, so sailors don’t know what course the race committee selects until about ten minutes before the race.  Changes in the initial start date will be posted on this website.


Here are the  2022 NOR, SIs and paper entry form The paper entry can be filled out and sent to SSYC, either using snail-mail or e-mail. 

The On-line General Entry Form  can be filled out immediately and sent to SSYC.  Be certain to identify the race series as the "Summer Hibachi Races".  A copy of the filled out form will be sent to the entrant.

Payment can be made on-line using the Pay Now! button below and a credit card. 

Important! Entry fee is $40, so be certain to enter a 40 for the quantity of $1 units being purchased and fill in "Hibachi Races" in the 'Description' box for what you are buying.. 

An email receipt will be sent to the email entered in the payment information.


 The 2022 Race Course Chart is available now. 


2022 Race Results


    Race 1      Race 2      Race 3     Race 4 


2021 Race Results


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==============================  2020 RESULTS  ============================ 

The  COVID-19 Guidelines  for Hibachi Races as of 6/2/2020


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 ==============================  2019 RESULTS  ============================


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 ==============================2018 RESULTS==============================


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