The Jim White Memorial Winter Series features four Saturdays, two weeks apart, with two races starting at noon. As soon as the first race is completed the first warning for the second race of the day begins. This series typically begins in the second week of January and extends into February.

The 2018 Jim White Memorial NOR, SIs and paper entry form are here The paper entry can be filled out and sent to SSYC, either using snail-mail or e-mail. 

The On-line General Entry Form  can be filled out immediately and sent to SSYC.  Be certain to identify the race series as the "Jim White Winter Series".  A copy will be sent to the entrant.

Payment can be made on-line using the Generic SSYC Payment page and a credit card.  Entry fee is $20, so be certain to enter a 20 for the quantity of $1 being purchased.  An email receipt will be sent to the email entered in the payment information.


The 2017 Race Course Chart will be used for the first week's racing.  AOCYC plans to move some of the marks in the near future.  When marks are moved, a notice and new course chart will be issued on line.

 ----------------- Race Results ------------------------------

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    Final Series Scoring